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Cutting the wedding cake is one of the most memorable wedding traditions. Originally a symbol of fertility, the wedding cake still remains an integral part of any wedding reception. There are endless choices in terms of style, flavour, colour, number of tiers, shape and decoration.

Cake Decorators in Vanuatu can provide a deliciously elegant wedding cake, and if given enough notice some wedding venues can prepare wedding cakes in-house.

Judi Clelland's

Judi Clelland's award-weddingcakes are all lovingly hand-made and decorations extend to the intricate shells, pearls, flower petals, beading and other touches that make her cakes a visual feast. From intricate and ornate, to simple and understated, Judi works with couples to create a wedding cake that reflects personal style.

Cake Fantasy – Judi Clelland
T: +678 774 4957

Au Péché Mignon

The French patisserie, Au Péché Mignon, makes stunning delicious cakes for those working with a smaller budget.

T: +678 27271