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Just two and a half hours from Brisbane, three and a half hours from Sydney and four hours from Melbourne, Vanuatu is an affordable wedding destination, close enough to home but a world away from the everyday.

Vanuatu is situated in the Pacific Ocean to the northeast of Australia. An archipelago of 83 islands offering a unique blend of stunning natural scenery coupled with some of the world’s best dive wrecks and a fascinating culture. Couples can choose to indulge in pure relaxation on one of the island nation’s many picture perfect white sandy beaches, or engage in a range of soft-adventure activities from diving at great depths to abseiling from great heights.

The three most popular islands for travellers are Éfaté, Espíritu Santo and Tanna, each with a different appeal and geographic beauty. Éfaté is Vanuatu’s third largest island, home to the country’s main airport and the majority of resorts. As the main tourist island, Éfaté is the hub to many of Vanuatu’s soft adventure activities.

Espíritu Santo is the largest of all the islands in terms of land mass and is renowned as Vanuatu’s adventure playground thanks to mountains, dense jungle and renowned WWII diving wrecks. Boasting the most breathtaking of all beaches in Vanuatu, Champagne Beach is the most romantic place to savour a glass of Champagne with a loved one. Offering an enticing place for a refreshing dip, Santo’s iconic fresh water blue swimming holes are tranquil and secluded off-the-beaten-track.

Tanna is located toward the south of the Vanuatu archipelago and its main attraction is Mount Yasur one of the world’s most accessible active volcanoes. The fiery peak attracts many adventurous travellers who dare to stand on its rim. Tanna offers some fantastic locations for those seeking a unique wedding location, with a difference.