Getting Married In Vanuatu

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Vanuatu is considered one of the most romantic destinations in the South Pacific; an unspoilt natural paradise perfect for any romantic getaway but it is also ideal for those who have always dreamt of getting married in paradise.

Boasting stunning geographic beauty with picture perfect white sandy beaches fringed with swaying coconut palm trees and tropical flower scented breezes, to the friendliest locals ever encountered, a wedding in Vanuatu will give couples the most memorable day of their lives, with venues to suit a range of budgets as well as endless unique locations at which to get married. And at about three hours from Australia, Vanuatu is as convenient as it is romantic and is the perfect setting for any wedding or honeymoon.
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Legal requirements

To get married in Vanuatu contact a wedding organizer and they will provide you with an application form, and answer to all your wedding queries from photography to bridal bouquets. The requirements to get married are below: • To lodge your application with the Vanuatu government 28 days prior to your wedding • To be in the country together three days prior to the wedding date ... See more
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Just two and a half hours from Brisbane, three and a half hours from Sydney and four hours from Melbourne, Vanuatu is an affordable wedding destination, close enough to home but a world away from the everyday. Vanuatu is situated in the Pacific Ocean to the northeast of Australia. An archipelago of 83 islands offering a unique blend of stunning natural scenery coupled with some of the... See more


Of the 83 islands making up the archipelago, the three main islands catering to weddings are Éfaté, Espíritu Santo and Tanna. Group tours to Vanuatu’s outer islands can be arranged for guests wanting to explore the fascinating, authentic culture of these remote destinations.... See more
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Getting There

Flying to Vanuatu Air Vanuatu flies direct from Sydney to Port Vila, the capital of Éfaté, six times a week, three times a week from Brisbane and once a week from Melbourne, direct on a Thursday. Air Vanuatu also flies once a week from Brisbane to Espíritu Santo. Air Vanuatu is a full service airline. Economy class offers complimentary in-flight entertainment, meal... See more


Different passengers have different travel plans. There are many licensed airport transfer companies in Vanuatu who can provide transfers to and from the airport. The ground tour operators in Éfaté & Espiritu Santo are dedicated to professional customer service and provide return airport transfers, by picking up guests from the international airport and droping them off at the ... See more


It’s the enormous range of wonderful experiences and exciting things to do that will mean you and your wedding guests will love Vanuatu. The island of Efate and the capital of Port Vila has hundreds of sightseeing and soft adventure tours, incredible culture to explore and plenty to see, do and enjoy in this amazing country. Culture and Adventure Vanuatu is develo... See more